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May I Go to Church, Too?

Jack Klumpenhower, of “The Gospel Teacher,” has featured an excerpt from Children in 

Church at his website. Jack also includes his own thoughts on the topic of children in church, in part from his book, Show them Jesus. We invite you to go over and read the excerpt and make your way around Jack’s helpful website, as well.

“May I Go to Church, Too?”


What are kids missing when we keep them out of the “adult” service? More importantly, what are WE missing about the purpose of worship?

It should be obvious that I think a gospel-rich Sunday school class, club or camp is a good place for kids. I teach in such places, and I’m honored whenever parents entrust their

children to me by bringing those kids to a class I’m leading. What may be less obvious is that I believe it’s also good, as a general principle, for those kids to be in worship services with the rest of the church as well. (Read More)


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Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship by Curt Lovelace and Sandra Lovelace (May 22, 2014)

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A Book Excerpt

An excerpt from our book, Children in Church:Nurturing Hearts of Worship. This book is available at the addresses listed below.

While we consider bringing the next generation into the blessings that await them in corporate worship and look forward to the enrichment their participation will bring to the body as a whole, it is important to remember some specific directions from the apostle Paul. Through him, God reminds the Corinthian church about the purpose and practice of the worship service, telling them, “All of these must be done for the strengthening of the church” (1 Corinthians 14:26), in an atmosphere cultivated to “let all things be done decently and in order” (14:40 KJV).

CIC coverCorporate worship is meant to reflect the character of God. There should be a sense of decency and order whenever the saints come together for worship. Chaos, disorganization, disruptions, and distractions are not of God and should therefore be limited as much as possible. All believers should enter the sanctuary with hearts and minds set on the One they intend to worship.

Worship in the corporate setting provides the opportunity to blend and multiply our love and devotion to God with brothers and sisters of every economic or ethnic group, physical aspect or ability, intellectual capacity or academic standing, emotional development or spiritual maturity, and a host of other variations.

We would suggest that this divinely‑ordained diversity also includes a wide range of ages. The diversity of those who gather to worship wonderfully reflects the humanity God created and the very Godhead itself.


Page 27, Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship. Available here  and in Kindle format here.

Be Encouraged. You can take your children to church!

What does the Bible say about children in church? Read the book by Curt and Sandra Lovelace to learn more about it.

Curt and Sandra Lovelace share their own stories, struggles, and practical solutions as parents who kept their kids in church. They start , though, with a Biblical foundation.

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