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Boaz in church“Having the children tucked in bed on a Saturday evening always brought a sense of peace to our home and hearts. This was the time when we were able to prepare ourselves for Sabbath worship. We laid out our own clothes and made sure our materials for the morning were ready. For a time this included a ‘church bag,’ which we will explain in the next chapter. We used whatever time was left to make sure that as many preparations as possible for Sunday dinner were accomplished.” p. 60

Often the best way to make progress toward a goal is to begin by adjusting our own behavior. We parents would do well to consider the way we prepare our own hearts for the worship of our Holy God. What we do speaks much louder than what we say.

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Encourage & Enrich

Us in church“The goal we are pursuing is to introduce the next generation to the blessings of corporate worship. In that process, we expect to encourage their maturing faith and to enrich the larger community of believers as well. In a very real sense, the benefits of this undertaking are too wonderful to withhold either from our children or from the body of Christ.” p. 45

Surely, in spite of any negative experiences we may have had and no matter how we feel about including young ones in the worship gatherings of the church, God expects His chosen people to prioritize the passing on of the faith and the deepening of our worship.

What better way to accomplish these tasks than as a combined effort?

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Real Parents of Real Children Welcome Here

Phoebe“Please do not think that we carried a china doll into the sanctuary. Our daugher was a living, breathing, crying, wetting baby. What is more, at that time, the church was meeting in a high school auditorium with stadium eating on steep concrete steps. The only safe place we could sit was in the front row, and we chose the first two seats near the door. We had to arrive quite early to be sure we could get those particular spots.” p. 38

In the early days it felt a bit as if we were going through a trial by fire. Maybe that’s where you are now. Or maybe you want to make sure you never go there.

God has a way of teaching and training parents and children at the same time.

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From a Leader to Leaders

Curt in jacket“Allow me to suggest that, Since Scripture does not mandate that children always be present in corporate worship, we may not make it compulsory either. Nor may we-nor should we-prohibit the attendance of the young, simply on the basis of their tender age. Scriptural narrative indicated that the children were often present in the ceremonies and worship of Israel and of the New Testament church. This does not mean that there was never a mother behind a bush or a father outside the synagogue comforting, encouraging, or disciplining a child.” p. 139

Families in biblical times were not so different than families today the world around. As we commit ourselves to the nurture of the next generation in the worship of our holy God, let us be intentional in word and example to reflect the attitudes and actions of His Son, our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

Rev. Dr. J. Curtis Lovelace H, F, GF  (Husband, Father, Grandfather)

Today is The Day

American gothicBy the time you read this we’ll be heading out the door.

Thankfully the LORD knows our going out and our coming in. There’s a fair amount of that coming up for us.

The kick-off event is the popular Christian Authors Meet & Greet, Where Writers and Readers Connect in Person. We’ll be at this Open House in Methuen, Massachusetts all afternoon chatting with folks interested in the world of writing and publishing.

We can hardly wait to hear the stories of our visitors as well as share our writing journey.

Along the way we’ll be giving away bookmarks, post cards, and loads of information and insights on families attending corporate worship together.

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Which one would you choose?

We’d enjoy seeing YOU at these writing festivities.
If you’re not able to attend, please pray that the message God has given us to share will be received with enthusiasm and purchases.  Thank you.

As for the photo … what do you think? Does this portrait represent us well?  ;-)

We promise we’ll be a whole lot more fun than this at the event.  :-D

Four (4) Days Left

M&G logoThere are now more than 100 people registered to attend the Christian Authors Meet & Greet Where Writers and Readers Connect in Person.

There will be friendly authors to chat with and get to know at this popular Open House event, 1-4pm on Saturday, April 25th.

Books galore will be offered at a discounted price and Children in Church will be $10 for this event.

In addition to the FREE gifts the organizer is giving away, we’ve got FREE stuff too.

One item is a brand new publication that coordinates with Children in Church. It’s a complete study unit to support parents and churches who want to nurture the next generation in the worship of our Holy God. The editor had high praise, saying she’d use it with her own kids.

You will definitely want to take advantage of this explosion of blessings.
Register Now to take part in the festivities.

If you live too far away to attend, we’ll miss you.
Please join us as we pray for God’s favor over the entire day.  Thank you.

Only Seven (7) Days to Go

Lovelaces PNGWe’re gearing up as are the other 21 authors who’ll be at this popular New England event.

Christian Authors Meet & Greet
Where Writers and Readers Connect in Person

Clarice James, our esteemed Coordinator, will provide refreshments, door prizes, and even a Nook FREE.

All of us are offering our books at discounted prices for this event.
On top of that many of us are planning gifts of our own;
pens, bookmarks, postcards, gadgets, all kinds of treasures.

We’ve got two options ready for those who purchase Children in Church;
a unit study from our Teaching & Training Approach curriculum, and
a beta copy of the prequel to my upcoming novel about Naomi.

Not enough information to inspire you to attend?
Here’s a sample of what happens when you chat with a group of authors.
Give a listen and then decide.

You … will … not … want … to … miss … this … open house.

Nevins Memorial Library, Methuen MA on Saturday, 25 April from 1-4pm.

It’s all FREE and I’m serious when I say you need to REGISTER today.

If for some reason you’re not able to join us, we’ll miss you.
Please ask God to cover us with His favor. Thank you.
We’ll let you know how He answers.

Personal Appearance

Lovelaces PNG

TWO WEEKS to go.

We’ll join 21 others at the Christian Author Meet & Greet.

FREE Admission
Door prizes and refreshments
Registration Required HERE.

Saturday, April 25 – 1 to 4pm
Nevins Memorial Library
305 Broadway
Methuen MA

Mark your calendar. Make a plan. Come join the fun.
We’ve got giveaways for everyone who purchases Children in Church.

Click to hear the radio announcement about the event.

Spreading the Word

MarchMediaAngels has published a guest post by Sandra titled ‘A Revolution in the Sanctuary’. It’s a follow up to the interview she gave for Mommy Jammies Night on Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. She enjoyed a good size audience.

The article includes some personal experience, a bit of biblical background, and three quick tips. Be sure to leave a comment and pass the link along to your friends.

For that matter, have a listen to the interview, Where is God in my Everyday Life?

May the LORD bless you and keep you as you pursue His principles. Amen


Reverent Communication

Caroline“Corporate prayer is a common part of most Sunday morning services. Children need to settle down a bit for this reverent communication, but parents will want to be careful to encourage their participation. The pastor that responds to a child’s raised hand with proper respect and a congregation that similarly receives a child’s expressed need will be blessed.” p. 103

And the child will gain confidence in reaching out to God.

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