Only Seven (7) Days to Go

Lovelaces PNGWe’re gearing up as are the other 21 authors who’ll be at this popular New England event.

Christian Authors Meet & Greet
Where Writers and Readers Connect in Person

Clarice James, our esteemed Coordinator, will provide refreshments, door prizes, and even a Nook FREE.

All of us are offering our books at discounted prices for this event.
On top of that many of us are planning gifts of our own;
pens, bookmarks, postcards, gadgets, all kinds of treasures.

We’ve got two options ready for those who purchase Children in Church;
a unit study from our Teaching & Training Approach curriculum, and
a beta copy of the prequel to my upcoming novel about Naomi.

Not enough information to inspire you to attend?
Here’s a sample of what happens when you chat with a group of authors.
Give a listen and then decide.

You … will … not … want … to … miss … this … open house.

Nevins Memorial Library, Methuen MA on Saturday, 25 April from 1-4pm.

It’s all FREE and I’m serious when I say you need to REGISTER today.

If for some reason you’re not able to join us, we’ll miss you.
Please ask God to cover us with His favor. Thank you.
We’ll let you know how He answers.

Personal Appearance

Lovelaces PNG

TWO WEEKS to go.

We’ll join 21 others at the Christian Author Meet & Greet.

FREE Admission
Door prizes and refreshments
Registration Required HERE.

Saturday, April 25 – 1 to 4pm
Nevins Memorial Library
305 Broadway
Methuen MA

Mark your calendar. Make a plan. Come join the fun.
We’ve got giveaways for everyone who purchases Children in Church.

Click to hear the radio announcement about the event.

Spreading the Word

MarchMediaAngels has published a guest post by Sandra titled ‘A Revolution in the Sanctuary’. It’s a follow up to the interview she gave for Mommy Jammies Night on Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. She enjoyed a good size audience.

The article includes some personal experience, a bit of biblical background, and three quick tips. Be sure to leave a comment and pass the link along to your friends.

For that matter, have a listen to the interview, Where is God in my Everyday Life?

May the LORD bless you and keep you as you pursue His principles. Amen


Reverent Communication

Caroline“Corporate prayer is a common part of most Sunday morning services. Children need to settle down a bit for this reverent communication, but parents will want to be careful to encourage their participation. The pastor that responds to a child’s raised hand with proper respect and a congregation that similarly receives a child’s expressed need will be blessed.” p. 103

And the child will gain confidence in reaching out to God.

We’d enjoy hearing how God is speaking to you on this topic.
Please share this post however Holy Spirit prompts. Thank you.

Relax and Sing

“Most worship services include music. These musical portions can be wonderful opportunities for parents and children. A little bit of movement is not as distracting, especially when the congregation is standing, so everyone can relax and enjoy the singing. Children can be encouraged to participate as fully as possible.”
p. 99

From pulpit and pew, we’ve been warmed by a young one singing, humming, or moving to the rhythm.

We’d enjoy hearing how God is speaking to you on this topic.
Please share this post as Holy Spirit prompts.   Thank you.

Real People Found Here

“Please don’t think that all of these steps and transitions flowered into each other seamlessly. We are a real family made up of real people, and there are hitches all along the way. Each setback was an opportunity to review our goals and strategies before the Lord.” p. 90


We are happy to report that we all lived through the process.
And this is our grandson in training.

We’d enjoy hearing how God is speaking to you on this topic.
Please share this post as Holy Spirit prompts you. Thank you.

Invitations are Appearing

MarchDo you see the smile on my face?

It’s because I heard from two parties this week who are interested in a visit while I’m on my Spring Tour.

One is for a stopover in Springdale, Arkansas. I’m contemplating how to make it work.

The other is from Nairobi, Kenya. Though I’d like to accept the invitation to soak up some of the gorgeous African sunshine … not to mention warmth … the side trip would be a little too extreme. We’re praying about that destination on a future date.

Curt will be investigating flights next week. He’ll need to have all my stops lined up before he can book tickets. My calendar is beginning on May 26, but I can’t stay on the road forever. Contact us soon, if you’d like me to come by for a chat over tea, a talk with your group, or even a ladies retreat. I’m ready to encourage your hearts wherever you are.

May the Lord bless and keep you all close. Amen


Training in Righteousness

“We are aware of publishers that accomplish this task [provide meaningful ministry] in a delightful fashion. May God bless every one of them.We submit, however, that families sitting together in corporate worship are in the ideal position to pursue the same objectives in very personal and significant ways.” p. 81

God set the family as the place to pass on His ways.

Share our link as Holy Spirit prompts.

Spring Tour

HeadshotAre you wondering if our book will help you clarify your thoughts?

Did you read our book and find you had a few more questions?

Have you been wishing you could interact with us in person?

If so, we’ve got a solution for you.

Spring is just around the corner, we hope.

And Sandra plans to hit the road.

She’ll be in North Carolina May 17-21, moving on to Birmingham, Alabama for a few days.

Since she loves to travel and spend time with folks we’ve decided to open up her calendar for book signings and speaking invitations. She’ll be pleased to share from the content of Children in Church and, if it would be helpful, respond to your particular situation.

on from there
Sandra is definitely not a one-topic gal. She’s excited to meet with your small group, speak to a Sunday school class, offer a ladies retreat, or any such gathering according to your needs, theme, and schedule. Check out the list of other subjects she addresses.

We’ll be glad to brainstorm with you about planning your event.
Be sure to contact us soon. We’re looking to the LORD for His specific plan.

Join Us at Meet & Greet Event

logoDear Friends and Neighbors,

Sandra and I are thrilled to announce that we will be taking part in the Meet & Greet Christian Authors event to be held in Methuen, MA on April 25th at the Nevins Memorial Library. If you are going to be in the area, please plan to join us. There will be giveaways and lots of excitement. For more info and to get tickets (which are free) got to this site.

Here’s all the info:

Nevins Memorial Library (Co-sponsor)
305 Broadway
MethuenMA 01844

Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EDT)

Contact: Clarice James 603-578-1860/