Curt & Sandra Lovelace

The Lovelaces are celebrating 45 years of marriage. They’ve spent most of that time visiting and living in other cultures. These intercultural settings have given them a deep appreciation and love for the diversity of God’s people. Each of their two daughters was born in a different country, causing them to develop a counter-cultural, biblical approach to childrearing. For this reason, Curt and Sandra are especially dedicated to encouraging parents in God’s call to disciple their children.

As a couple Curt and Sandra have served on a national board for Christians in recovery. They have provided leadership to homeschool families through local support groups as well as a statewide board. The Lovelaces have worked together on television and radio. In the 1970s they served on the staff of L’Abri fellowship in Switzerland with Francis and Edith Schaeffer. Since then God has put the wealth of education and experience He has granted them to work in an ever-widening arena. In the 1990s He moved Lifework Forum onto the international stage.

Curt & Sandra currently live in Prague, Czech Republic and from that base support international families in discipling their children. Curt and Sandra recognize that it has all been accomplished by the Holy Spirit of God. Zechariah 4:6

Curt PNGRev. Dr. J. Curtis Lovelace has lectured on four continents. He holds Political Science, History, a Master of Divinity,  and Doctor of Ministry degrees. His work experiences include serving in the U.S. Navy and teaching at the secondary, college and graduate levels. He has spent time serving on the mission field in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. An award-winning writer, Curt has had articles published in numerous periodicals, has served as managing editor of a small group of weekly newspapers, and has cared for people in several local church bodies.

Sandra 1Sandra A. Lovelace is an international speaker who is known for her “candor and warmth.” She holds degrees in education and communication arts. Her teaching experiences include public, private, outdoor, and home education. Sandra has lectured and consulted around the United States and in Europe and Asia. She is currently serving families around the globe as they come under the lordship of Christ. Also an award-winning writer, Sandra has written children’s Bible curriculum, has published articles on a variety of topics, and is currently working on her third manuscript.


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