Delightful & Harrowing Experiences

Even the Grands grow up, Folks. :-)


We’re selling books at a higher rate than ever before.
Be sure to order yours before we have to wait for a reprint.

NOW is the time to offer a seminar or workshops on including children in corporate worship if you live in the southern states because Sandra is in North Carolina for at least the next couple of months. That means she’s a whole lot closer to YOU.

Some even go off to college.

Some even go off to college.

In case you didn’t notice, the site has been down for a while. The process to find someone with the skills, interest, and availability to get it back up was excruciating.

Thanks, Dan King of Fistbump Media for jumping into the gap and making look beautiful again.  Feel free to mention Children in Church if you contact Dan for any needs for your online presence.

On a sad note, all the activity since January 8, 2016 disappeared. We’re still working to see if there’s a way to get at least some of it reposted.
Your prayers are appreciated.   

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