Potty Training and Worship Nurturing

church“What could these two topics possibly have in common?” You Ask.

They may seem like an odd comparison, but training a child to use the potty calls for the same approach as nurturing a heart for worship.

Both tasks are essential to prepare our children for life in the real world. Neither should be undertaken lightly. We need to be intentional, diligent, and consistent.

First we come to the realization it’s time to make this move into maturity. Next we consider and decide the best course of action to accomplish the task. Finally we must be faithful to the path we’ve chosen to help our child claim the place God has for them as adults.

I remember the singular focus I maintained during the potty training phase. No matter what else was going on I knew the last time my child had anything to drink and when they were likely to need the potty. No matter where we were I knew the shortest path to a toilet so we could get there in a flash and promote success.

I know the experience was different with each child, but I can’t remember how long it took. I do know there were times I despaired of ever accomplishing our goal. But we did. And as soon as it was over I breathed a sigh of relief and began enjoying the benefits. The same was true of our worship nurturing time.

Have any of you readers made your way through these two phases already?

If so, share your take on the similarities and differences. Let’s start a conversation.

May the Lord bless you as you bring your parenting to Him as an offering.

with confidence in His guiding hand,
Curt & Sandra

PS  Sandra will be away for the next month or so which means our posts will likely be erratic. Thank you for your prayers for safe travels, meaningful outreach, and a timely return.

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