Resources, week 4

Ano coverIt can be helpful to provide an appropriate resource to engage a portion of a young person’s attention during the quieter sections of a worship service. It’s important to keep in mind your child’s maturity level and the goal of involving them as participants.

There was a phase when a book such as Anno’s Journey was just what we needed. Matsumasa Anno relates stories with images, lots to draw and hold attention with no words begging to be read. He has a number of titles. This one is about life in northern Europe. square

One of Sandra’s favorite strategies was to use her fingers to direct a child’s attention. She might simply point from one interesting object to another, moving the child’s eyes around the page.

On this page she might move two fingers in a walking motion to suggest the direction of a character’s progress.

She might pretend to grab an apple from a barrel and nibble on it. Or she might pet the horses pulling the wagon toward the back.

It wasn’t long before each child learned to follow her lead. Then Sandra’s role became one of pacing her progress rather than leading her.

Of course Sandra used the usual Mommy responses to encourage calm and gentle movements. As she was able to lighten her involvement, Sandra could attend the sermon more closely. It was a win-win exchange.

We trust the Lord is tending your worship as well as your children’s.

with delight in the Father’s love,
Curt & Sandra

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