Resources, week 6

WAshable MarkersWe believe that providing a child with drawing and writing materials does not need to be a problematic distraction. It’s counter-productive to use them as a way to occupy their hands. Instead they’re a proven method to discipline their minds.

Begin by considering when your child can manage such materials.

  • Are they able to contain their work on the surface provided?
  • Have they grown in responding properly to your whispered and unspoken directions, at home and in the sanctuary?
  • Is it time to gather their thoughts to participate more fully in worship?

As soon as you see a child approaching this milestone, consider what materials will best suit the situation. Some parents will prefer washable markers while others may find crayons the best first step. A simple pencil may provide a good trial. For that matter, special writing implements and paper can become rewards for a new level of maturity.


It will be valuable to match the writing surface to the writing implement you choose. Thicker paper for markers, relevant coloring pages, blank page notebooks, and pads with space to draw and write all have their place. Choices are as wide as the market place.

Continue to observe each child’s growth and development and introduce fresh materials as they can manage them. It might happen that they handle themselves well in a particularly stretching episode. A reward might be taking them to shop for new writing or drawing tools.

We introduced drawing and writing fairly early with our children. It seemed a reasonable beginning in learning to capture the meat of a sermon by taking notes.

May God bless you in your desire for your children to know Him.

with delight in the growth of young disciples,
Curt & Sandra

There is much more to be said on this topic. Contact us to arrange a local gathering.

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