Resources, week 7


We’ve been busy with our daily advent posts of¬†our Celebrate the Newborn King series over at Children in Church Facebook.

But today we came across an excellent resource that we want to share with you.

Bethesda is a Bible Study curriculum for people affected by disability. It was developed by Jill Miller out of her work with her fourth child. In her own words,

“Good teachers expose students to concepts that they may never understand. I remember being taught trigonometry and thinking, “What in the world is this man trying to teach me!” But that didn’t stop him from exposing me to the information and giving me an opportunity to “grab” what I could. This is what I have tried to do with the Bethesda Series.”

If you’ve got an other-abled child, you’ll want to visit the Bethesda website, watch the video, and research this valuable¬†material.

May the Lord fill your week with an extra measure of His grace.

with joy in the journey,
Curt & Sandra

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