Jeff-MeyersI recently asked a well-respected evangelical leader about the statistics of the number of young adults walking away from the church. He said, “I don’t think they’ve ever been in church!” He’s right. If we want to reclaim the rapid growth and enthusiasm of the early church we must figure out how to make church more like a family reunion and less like an adults-only club. Curt and Sandra show how it can be done – with purpose and relaxed joy – in a way that restores the hearts of the older to the younger and the hearts of both to a God who delights in children.

– Jeff Myers, Ph.D.
President, Summit Ministries


Worship – Children: Curt and Sandra tackle this most complex developmental issue, the matrix of relationships impacted by this central training opportunity of Christian life, “How will our children learn to worship the one true and living God and develop their corporate relationship with Him?”  Biblical, practical, patient, personal, and persistent is their advice and suggestions. They will help you anticipate every and overcome most challenges and challengers.  Sandra’s “church bag” creatively solves all but the most daunting of the parent-child worship challenges.

Claiborne Thornton
President, Tennessee Home Education Association


The topic of children in corporate worship is becoming increasingly controversial. As the Family-Integrated Church movement continues to gain force, more traditional churches are struggling with how to most effectively minister to parent and their children.

Curt and Sandra Lovelace bring a balanced and Scripturally informed approach to this discussion. They share from their dual experience of being both parents and church leaders. This book is free from caustic grenade throwing, and provides far more light than heat for those who are honestly trying to wrestle through these issues.

If you are trying to make sense of the Family-Integrated model, as opposed to the age-segregated model of corporate worship, you need to read Children in Church. More than just an abstract treatise, Curt and Sandra give parents practical, hands-on advice about how to lead their children in worship in both the church and the home. This book is a vital contribution to the discussion of leading children to worship in both the church and the home.

Israel Wayne
Popular Author and Conference Speaker


Most appreciated for this reader was the encouraging tone devoid of a preachy crusader attitude. They simply offer their lived experiences as burden-bearers for those who feel the weighty responsibilities when the Lord places a child in a family and congregation. They have no theological ax to grind but simply set out the practical aspects of living out a covenantal life. They urge us to see children not as interruptions or distractions. At the same time they avoid the current trend toward “child-focused” families where parents abdicate their biblical authority enroute to “trophy kids.”  This is not a book about that kind of idolatry.

Curt and Sandra provide pastors and ministry leaders both a blueprint and toolbox for forging healthy partnerships between family and congregation in the adventure of seeing children know the fullness of God’s character, disposition and purposes in age-appropriate, generationally-connected and heart-changing ways.

Children in Church belongs in every family devotional and church resource library for regular and frequent consultation.

Gary Sexton,
Chaplain (Colonel, U.S. Army), Retired


I have known Curt and Sandra Lovelace for many years. They are kindred spirits in following Jesus and promoting the importance of the family.

The Demme family has always worshipped together on Sunday mornings. It was our belief that children can learn and benefit from being in the main service. We also believe that children add to the overall worship experience of the church.

– Steve Demme
Homeschool Speaker, Curriculum Author